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The b&b Castrum of Serravalle is located in a unique scenic area that offers a host of outstanding attractions and tourist itineraries. From this enchanting holiday spot– one of the loveliest bed & breakfasts in Italy– you can set off to discover places of enchanting beauty, picturesque villages, spectacular localities, breathtaking scenery, either on foot or by bike (placed at the disposal of the b&b’s guests).

Your holidays and weekend stays will be unforgettable, because the cultural, scenic and artistic attractions of the province of Treviso are truly outstanding. The Treviso province is in fact characterized by a breathtaking, varied landscape, enchanting villages and lovely historic towns renowned for their architectonic, artistic and scenic treasures. Touring and discovering the gems of the Bel Paese is an experience you will never forget.


From Vittorio Veneto you can reach:


  • Venice in 40 minutes (60 km)
  • Cortina d’Ampezzo in 1 hour (90 km)
  • Asolo in 40 minutes (55 km)
  • Vicenza and the Palladian Villas in 1 hour 30 minutes (125 km)
  • Trieste in 1 hour 20 minutes (115 km)
  • Belluno in 30 minutes (40 km)

In addition to Vittorio Veneto and the two ancient towns of Serravalle and Ceneda with their wealth of historic palazzi and beautiful churches, the surrounding district also offers a great variety of attractions and touring possibilities on foot, by bike or horseback.



The b&b recommends a visit to the nearby lakes: Lake Negrisiola, and its lovely green surroundings; Lake Restello, with a Roman lookout tower (1st century B.C.) standing near the water’s edge; and Lake Morto, a favourite spot for fishing enthusiasts. The path leading to the summit of Col Visentin is a bit more difficult to tackle, but the view from the summit is absolutely breathtaking.

15 km from the B&B Castrum of Serravalle, there’s the lovely town of Conegliano, home of the Prosecco and Spumante wines. Its origins are pre-Roman, but the town’s oldest surviving construction is the imposing medieval fortress on top of the hill, from which visitors can enjoy wonderful views out over the surrounding countryside and town below.

From Conegliano visitors can take the famous Prosecco road that leads to Valdobbiadene. Well-known to all wine lovers, this unique road winds for 47 kilometres through the famous Prosecco district with its charming vine-clad hills, breathtaking scenery and delightful villages like San Pietro di Feletto. The ancient church of San Pietro – at San Pietro Feletto – dates back to the Longobard period but was given its present form in the twelfth century. This little gem of a church is decorated with fourth-century Romanesque-Byzantine frescoes both on the inside and outside.

The bed and breakfast is not far from the small town of Follina, which owes its origins to the Cistercian Monks who settled here in the twelfth century. The outstanding feature of this town is the lovely Cistercian Abbey of Santa Maria. Here, the Benedictines and the Camaldolesi also carried on the monastic tradition through the centuries. The abbey was closed in the eighteenth century and then passed into private hands. In 1915 the Servi di Maria resumed the centuries-old monastic tradition, and they undertook a thorough restoration that restored the original architectural features. At the town of Valmareno there is the Castello Brandolini. From 1233 to 1335 this castle was the residence of the powerful Da Camino family, but its origins date from many centuries before that period. The charming village of Cison di Valmarino was instead the seat of the Counts Brandolini. The village has many elegant, characterful buildings and a lovely late-Baroque parish church.



To reach Belluno or Feltre visitors can take the road of the San Boldo pass that goes through the pre-Alps. The road was built during the last months of World War I, and is a masterpiece of engineering with many bends going through tunnels hewn out of the rock. It offers spectacular views over the entire Valsana.

From the bed & breakfast you can take the 422 state road that goes to the town of Fregona, famous for its production of Torchiato wine (a festival dedicated to Torchiato wine is held there at the end of April).

A trip to the Cansiglio plateau and forest is an experience not to be missed. In the sixteenth century the forest was known as the ‘bosco da reme’ (‘forest of oars’, in Venetian dialect) because it provided the timber for the powerful fleet of the Republic of Venice. The entire Cansiglio area– now protected– is open to excursionists. A Cimbrian village is also located inside the area.


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Bed and Breakfast Castello di Serravalle - Vittorio Veneto - Treviso